How can you help?

Northside Enterprise Inc. cherishes and counts upon kind and generous people who support and help those that are less fortunate in our communities.

Northside Enterprise Inc. counts upon charitable donations so that quality of services and resources offered to people with intellectual disability and/or multiple disabilities serviced by Northside can grow and expand. Northside Enterprise Inc.greatly appreciates all the support given to it by individuals, clubs, businesses, organizations, corporate members and volunteers.

Whilst NSW Government funding is substantial for the training and support programs we offer to people with disabilities additional funds are essential as we depend on those for vital projects, activities and initiatives that make a crucial difference in the quality and security of daily activities for people with disabilities we serve.

For instance, charitable donations have made it possible that Northside Enterprise Inc. purchases its own building space which means a permanent and secure base for people with disabilities who attend our programs.

Installation of a reverse cycle Air-Conditioning system, increasing community access, social and recreations out-of-hours programs and access to meaningful employment in the community also serve as examples of projects we undertake with donated funds because Government funding is not enough.

Northside Enterprise Inc. is a registered charitable organisation in Australia and as such it is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a DEDUCTIBLE GIFT RECIPIENT.


Helping us means helping people with disabilities make a

difference and take active and positive part in our community.



Making a Cheque or Money Order payable to “Northside Enterprise Inc.” and mailed to:
P.O. Box 7511
(Please attach your name, address or letter so that we can send you a Tax Deductible Receipt).

All donations of $2.00 or more donated to us are Tax Deductible.
Tax Deductible receipt for your donation will be mailed to you.


Donate a lasting gift to Northside Enterprise Inc. Include a bequest to Northside Enterprise Inc. in your will. When making provisions for your family and friends in your will you may wish to include Northside Enterprise Inc. as a beneficiary in your will by leaving a cash gift or a property bequest. Your thoughtful and caring forward planning will ensure that people with disabilities who attend our program and, therefore, our community, will continue to benefit from your support for a long time.

Should you wish to include a bequest to Northside Enterprise Inc. please contact us via the Management Committee or the Manager either by e-mail or telephone or letter.


Why not develop a Charitable Cause Related Marketing Plan whereby a percentage of your profits from sales is donated to Northside Enterprise Inc. It can help your organisation sell products and services in a significantly positive way whilst at the same time helping people with disabilities. Or organise an acitivity or event (e.g. picnics, parties, fashion parades, art exhibitions, raffles…) to fundraise for Northside Enterprise Inc.