Living Skills At Home And The Community 2023LIVING SKILLS AT HOME AND THE COMMUNITY

“Northside Enterprise Inc. is a leading community based, person centered disability service provider driven by our vision of “People with disabilities living fulfilling, active lives as equal members of the community”

Individually tailored supports and activities

Supports and activities/programs are designed to meet a person’s specific needs as expressed through his/her Goals and Service Plan. A person with disability currently has his/her Northside Service Plan (MyNSP), which is a fully co-ordinated goal setting process and plan initiated by the individual person with a disability and his/her Case Manager and contributed to by relevant staff, parents and/or carers. These plans are reviewed regularly.

Under the NDIS this MyNSP will be replaced by the NDIS Plan and Northside Enterprise Inc will continue its quality service provision by offering tailored programs, supports and activities chosen by the person with disabilities to achieve his/her goals and which suit best the individual person with disabilities, his/her skills and capabilities and needs.

Community Access

Training and support of people with disabilities in the access and use of general community facilities, services and activities in order to achieve and maintain real inclusion in their local and wider community. Community based activities and supports usually take-up a good part of each day of service provision or as per the person’s with disabilities choice and need.

Development of Valued Role in the Community

Facilitation and support of people with disabilities in achieving a respected and valued status within the community through volunteer work, membership of clubs, and liaison with other individuals and community groups in order to identify opportunities for people with disabilities to fulfil roles that are typical of other people of similar age and backgrounds.

Independent Living Skills – Skills for Life

Training and support in everyday life skills that include public transport travel, banking, money and purchasing, cooking, personal hygiene, grooming, behaviour management, promoting personal health and wellbeing, decision making and choice. Training of daily living skills can be provided at our Centre, within the community settings or at the person’s home.

Any skill a person wishes to learn or maintain can be organised with our quality and person centred program development and individual tailoring.

Communication Skills

Training and support in skills such as conversing with others, verbal and non-verbal communication, literacy and numeracy, digital and electronic communication..