Community Participation Program

Community Participation Program (CPP)

Service Objectives – Provide support and diverse services to adults with intellectual and or multiple disabilities that assist them in developing the skills they need to work towards their goals, increase their independence and participate as valued and active members of the community.

Service Description – Individually and small group tailored programs and activities that facilitate ongoing learning and skills maintenance in all relevant aspects of independent living that are driven or chosen by the individual service user and his/her family/carers.

At the Zoo     Helping out NSW Cancer Council on Daffodil Day     Competing in Boccia at Homebush

Through the CPP service users:

  • maintain and develop life skills and increase independence
  • continue learning and participate in meaningful leisure, recreational, social and cultural activities
  • participate in the local community and access community facilities
  • participate in pre-vocational learning and activities with view to pursuing goals in meaningful work and employment regardless of how distant the achievement of those goals may be.