Description of Activities/Programs

Description of Activities/Programs

Individually tailored plans and programs to meet a person’s specific needs.
The Northside Service Plan (NSP) and The Northside Transition To Work Plan (NTTWP) are fully coordinated goal setting processes and plans initiated by the individual service user and his/her Case Manager and contributed to by relevant staff, parents and/or carers.

Training in Community Access and Participation to assist adults with disabilities in the access and use of general community facilities, services and activities. We encourage people with disabilities to participate in community life and support them throughout.
Our programs and activities are dynamic and support people to access Local Libraries, TAFE, Gyms, shopping centres, banks, public transport, sporting competitions, parks, workplaces, employment agencies, health professionals, recreational and respite groups.

Training in Social and Independent Living Skills that include using public transport, travel, shopping, banking, budgeting, usage of money, personal hygiene, general house cleaning, dressing, cooking, nutrition, relating to others, and social interaction.

Training in Language and Communication Skills such as conversing with others, verbal and non-verbal communication, communication strategies, vocabulary revision and enrichment, computer based communication, reading and writing.

Recreational and Leisure Skills – Northside Enterprise Inc. provides training and/or maintenance of recreational skills that blend well with individual needs and preferences
of each service user as well as with our general goal: to contribute to a person’s opportunity to experience life to the full. Our recreational activities include swimming,
ten-pin bowling, walking, drama and dancing, sports and gym, interactive computer games that also carry educational components as well as entertaining ones.

Pre-employment Skills / Pre-vocational Skills training includes personal development and self-awareness, assertiveness and self-esteem building, personal grooming and presentation, development of pre-employment and work skills to aid job placement including provision of VETAB accredited Certificate I in Workskills.

In our Work Experience arm, we locate suitable work experience placements in the community for our service users and assess the work experience opportunity for them. We provide relevant training for the work experience placement, providing support to both the service user attending work experience and to the employer if required. We strive towards helping create opportunities for people with disabilities in open employment wherever possible, getting them real jobs.