Leisure Link

 Leisure Link FAQ’s

Q:  What is Leisure Link?
A:   Leisure Link provides a weekend and/or evening program for people with a disability, where they can spend time with their peers in age appropriate creative, recreation and leisure activities. The program will foster the interests and individual goals of participants and contribute to their sense of ‘self’. It will assist them to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It will build their capacity and confidence to participate in community life, and increase the capacity of the community to be inclusive of people with a disability, through the delivery of leisure and lifestyle programs. It will foster partnerships between disability organisations and the arts, recreation and sport providers.
Leisure Link recognises the key role that the arts, sport, recreation and leisure activities play in everyone’s social and physical well-being.
Q:  How can I make a referral?
A:   Referrals can be made by contacting DADHC Information, Referral and Intake Team on 9841 9350, Northside Enterprise Inc. on 9905 5377
Q:  Who can make a referral?
A:   Referrals can be made by carers, family members, case workers, other service providers or advocates.
Q:  What happens after I make a referral to the program?
A:   Your Leisure Link referral will be presented at allocation meetings. Where the capacity exists your referral will be allocated to the service that is the most appropriate to meet the needs identified in the referral form.
Q:  Are the referrals prioritised?
A:   Priority of access will be given where the person with a disability is:
  • Experiencing health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and asthma and/or
  • Socially isolated; and/or
  • Living at home with their family and whose long term support is at risk; and/or
  • Living with a lone carer; and/or
  • Living in the community and is involved with the criminal justice system; and/or
  • Living with their family, and where there is more than one child with a disability; and/or 
  • Living with the family/carer where there is no or limited access to other community support services, particularly day or post school programs.
Q:  How will I be notified of the outcome of my referral?
A:   Services meet to allocate referrals by priority. You will receive written notification 2 to 3 weeks after the allocations meeting. If you have been allocated to a Service Provider the service will contact you to make an appointment to carry out an assessment of your leisure requirements.
Q:  What happens if I am not allocated a Leisure Link service?
A:   You will receive a letter of notification. You will then be placed on a waiting list for future LEISURE LINK allocation meetings throughout the year.
Q: What does Leisure Link cost?
A: All services charge a negotiable fee for Leisure Link and the amount varies. All queries regarding these fees go directly to the Leisure Link service provider.
Q: Is transport included?
A: Service Users will be able to utilise mainstream or more personalised transport options organised either by themselves or their family/carers. In the limited circumstances where these options are not possible, service providers may provide transport, for an affordable contribution based on cost recovery to and from the person’s program.
Q: What are some examples of Leisure Options?
A: Activities are to be provided in a planned manner, appropriate to the interests, abilities and choices of the individuals accessing services.
The following are examples of activities that may be provided under Leisure Link, and are indicative of the scope of this program:
  • Art
  • Music/being in a band
  • Drama
  • Weekend holiday
·         Camping with
  • Weekend bush and adventure interests
·         Disco/dance
  • Individual sports eg skating
  • After school youth groups
  • Team sports
  • Individualised
  • Fitness programs
Eligibility for a Leisure Link Service:
To be eligible for a Leisure Link service, you must:
  • have a diagnosed disability
  • be living within Local Government areas: of Hornsby, Hunters Hill, Kur-ring-gai, Lane Cove, Manly, Mosman, North Sydney, Pittwater, Ryde, Warringah, Willoughby,
What is NOT Leisure Link?
  • In Home Respite
  • Flexible Respite
  • Centre based Respite