Out-of-Hours Programs

Out-of-Hours Recreational, Entertainment & Social Programs

Social Night

In our Social Night program we offer our service users the opportunities to participate
in our organised Disco and Restaurant Dining social activities/entertainment for large groups. These provide opportunities for our people with disabilities to socialise and
have fun with their friends outside of the regular program hours at our services.

Our staff provides support and assistance during these occasions. Our ex-students,
who have moved on to employment or have moved house, or friends and family of
our service users are always welcome to attend and join us.


In our Pathfinders Out-Of-Hours programs (for small groups) we aim to foster and
nurture friendships, enhance social skills, confidence and independence of young
people with intellectual and/multiple disabilities in the community.

  • Promote friendships and enhance social skills
  • Promote independence in accessing community facilities
  • Inexpensive innovative activities
  • Facilitated by experienced staff
  • Small Groups (except for disco and karaoke nights)
  • Access mainstream activities and environments
  • Link peers with similar interests and age groups


These clubs enable young people with disabilities, who attend disability programs at our Centre during the day, to meet each other in various community setting/facilities during evenings/out of hours, to go out together to enjoy each others company doing an activity they are interested in and activities that form a normal lifestyle found in our community.

Regular clubs/outings/activities include: Dinner, Movie and Coffee Club; Picnic Club; Outdoor Club; Culture Club; Special Events Outings; Fitness; Cooking; Guides; Music; Art.