Transition to Work Program

Transition to Work Program (TTW) “Stepping Stones”

Service Objectives – Program provides pathways for people with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities to achieve an employment goal within two years. This fixed-term program is available for school leavers and focuses on service users transitioning into employment or employment related services, as well as the development of “life skills”. The activities in the Transition to Work Program aim at increasing skills to enable service users to enter either supported or open employment.

Service Description – We call our Transition to Work (TTW) Program “Stepping Stones.” “Stepping Stones” program involves activities that are carried out at our Centre in Brookvale and those that are carried out in local community settings, including local business premises. Our local community includes areas of Pittwater, Warringah, Manly, Mosman and Lower North Shore.

Factory packagingService users’ individual skills and goals are reflected in our services that are designed specifically and individually for and with each program participant. Training programs are designed to meet independent living, social, recreational and vocational goals.

At the factory Whether participating in drama, shopping and purchasing programs or learning to work and relate to people we have the resources to cater for individual needs. We deliver our programs in combinations of small-group and individual training.

We offer work experience placements in a wide range of industry groups in supported and open employment settings. We are proud to work with many businesses in our local community who provide work-experience and on-the-job training opportunities for our service users.
We offer training and teaching our service users in VETAB (Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board) accredited Certificate 1 in work skills or skills needed to become a worker in the work force.