Leisure activities as Flexible Respite

Our Leisure Link/ Flexible Respite activities are completely person centred and individual goals based. Leisure Link provides supports for people with a disability, where they can spend time with their peers in age appropriate creative, recreation and leisure activities. The supports and activities foster the interests and individual goals of participants and contribute to their sense of ‘self’. These activities assist people to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The activities build people’s capacity and confidence to participate in community life, and increase the capacity of the community to be inclusive of people with a disability, through the delivery of leisure and lifestyle programs.

Activities may be of the time of a person’s choosing and in the place of person’s choosing, e.g. home, community facility or centre based at one of our Centres.

Northside Enterprise Inc. recognises the key role that the arts, sport, social events, recreation and leisure activities play in everyone’s social and physical well-being and our Leisure or Flexible Respite supports and activities are always organised in such a way that the person with disabilities receives the best desired individual benefit.

Supported Living

If you are already living in group or individual accommodation or you still live with your family but are planning to move from your home in the future to a place of your own or sharing a place with friends then Northside Enterprise Inc. can assist and support you in learning the skills to do just that. We can work with you to develop independent living long and short-term goals based on your individual needs, covering skills such as:

  • Looking after yourself, your health and well-being
  • Looking after your home
  • Social skills and building and maintaining informal support networks and friendships
  • Managing your money, income and living expenses
  • Adjusting to change and being confident in choice making
  • Getting around in your local community and travelling
  • Personal hygiene, grooming and presentation
  • Organising supports you need as part of your NDIS participation plan