• Promoting positive attitudes and generating a spirit of inclusion
  • Providing real and meaningful employment for people with intellectual disability
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to be leaders at work and in the community
  • Improving and maintain our natural environment

Since January 2009, Northside Enterprise Inc., through its Bushlink program, has employed adults with intellectual disability to carry out environmental projects with a focus on bush regeneration, gardening and grounds maintenance work.

This successful and innovative employment model provides real and meaningful employment under the relevant industry award as well as ongoing daily support for our workers. This model results in high job retention rates and a high level of job satisfaction which means Bushlink has confident and happy workers.

Bushlink prides itself on the quality of work it delivers to its clients. Our contracts and projects are run to best practice standards and our retained business and growth is evidence of this.


Our Bushlink environmental project teams work to improve our natural environment, through bush regeneration, gardening and grounds maintenance services. We have three focus areas of work:

  • School Inclusion program
  • Industry work
  • Corporate Volunteering

Our School Inclusion Program creates student pride and ownership of the school environment through active participation. Our School Inclusion Program delivers firsthand experience of diversity and reinforces a culture of inclusion. Working together with students Bushlink teams apply their specialist environmental skills to specific projects on the school grounds eg. bush regeneration, kitchen gardens, overgrown areas.

These are memorable and enjoyable experiences that will help forge the inclusive citizens of tomorrow. Has your school worked with Bushlink yet? If not, get in touch – we can build a package to suit your school.[/text_output]


Our qualified teams have the collective skills and knowledge to do an outstanding job carrying out contract work for Councils, Clubs and Commercial Gardens.



Our corporate events are a unique and fun way for business leaders to motivate their teams. At the same time we build awareness of abilities and develop positive attitudes towards inclusion through the hands on, environmental activities.

Bushlink are looking for businesses, organisations and government departments who are keen to motivate their teams and be leaders in inclusive behaviour. Please contact us to book your corporate event with Bushlink.



Northside Enterprise Inc. – Bushlink

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